Electric hoist

Detailed introduction

Lifting capacity: 500kg lifting height: 8M
Lifting speed (M / min):   six point eight
Power supply: 415V, 3Ph, 50Hz, control line: 36V, 1m cable (electric hoist has two wires)   One wire is connected to the power supply and one wire is connected to the controller)
Chain size (mm): 6.3
Chain weight (kg / M): 0.85
Chain grade: 80
Chain surface: galvanized
Precision chain guide with 5 socket sprockets
Patented friction clutch for overload protection
With contact type upper and lower power-off limit
With reverse phase protection
Full load noise (DB): ≤ 65
Electromagnetic brake and mechanical auxiliary brake
Number of chain lines: 1
Hook: 1 lower / rotatable
Hanging method: hook hanging
Installation method: fixed
Protection grade: IP55
Weight without chain (kg) 25
Motor power (kw):   zero point seven five
Current consumption (a):   two point five
Color: black, color number ral 9005   Matte
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